Hadiya Refutes her Father’s Recent Allegations that She is being held in “Illegal Detention”


The Supreme Court issued a historic decision regarding the autonomy of adult women as a result of the Kerala woman’s conversion to Islam and subsequent marriage to a Muslim man. Hadiya, the Kerala woman whose marriage to a Muslim man and conversion to Islam led to a historic Supreme Court decision regarding the autonomy of …

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Contractual disputes: Is prevention preferable to cure? Vivad se Vishwas II.

Years of pending litigation have resulted from the government’s attempt to eliminate the decision-making process through a faceless, hierarchical structure. The Indian government’s proposed Vivad se Vishwas-II settlement scheme was briefly discussed in our previous article on the Union Budget 2023. We go into great detail about the government’s introduced scheme in this article. In …

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Following Food Poisoning at a wedding, Kerala Consumer Court Orders Caterers to Reimburse Customer ₹40,000


A civil excise officer filed the complaint, claiming that he had food poisoning from eating catered food at a wedding reception. A catering company was recently ordered by a district consumer court in Ernakulam, Kerala, to pay ₹ 40,000 to a customer who had stomach pain and infectious diarrhea after eating food provided by the …

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In Case Of Women’s Liberties, Courts Ought to Show Greater Empathy: Punjab and Haryana High Court

The Court observed that many poor and illiterate women who commit cognizable offenses may also have to care for children who will suffer if their mother is imprisoned. When a woman’s freedom is at stake, courts ought to be more understanding and considerate, the Punjab and Haryana High Court recently noted. Judge Harpreet Singh Brar …

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Delhi High Court Accepted Engineer’s Apology for Calling Delhi Judiciary Abusive and Corrupt

The man who was having a disagreement, according to the court, was experiencing “sheer frustration and depression” at the time of the allegations. The Delhi High Court declared that the Delhi judiciary as a whole was corrupt and closed the criminal contempt of court case against a mechanical engineer who had spoken disparagingly about a …

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Vistara to Delhi High Court: Will not Assert Trademark Rights Over “Fly Higher” Slogan


The company Frankfinn Aviation Services, which offers training in industries like hospitality and aviation, had taken issue with Vistara’s use of the “Fly Higher” tagline in their commercials. In a recent statement, Vistara Airlines informed the Delhi High Court that it would not be pursuing trademark rights for the phrases “Fly High” or “Fly Higher”. …

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If Wife is Eighteen or Older, Marital Rape is “No Offence”: High Court of Allahabad

The Allahabad High Court has noted that there is no criminal penalty for marital rape when the wife is 18 years of age or older because the Supreme Court is still considering petitions to criminalize the crime. According to the Allahabad High Court, if the victim is a woman over the age of 18, marital …

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