After Petitioner sent Judge Personal Emails, High Court bench Declined to hear plea, saying, “I am never going to touch this matter”

Judge Gautam Patel of the Bombay High Court declined to hear a petition on Wednesday after becoming irritated with the petitioner’s intimate emails requesting an expedited hearing of the plea.

When the plea was called, a division bench consisting of Justices Patel and Kamal Khata informed the petitioner’s advocate of the emails the petitioner had sent and stated that it was declining to hear the plea.

Kanchan Pamnani, the advocate, expressed regret and said she was unaware of the emails. She implored the judge to consider the plea.

In their petition, a few individuals with visual impairments asked the Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs to improve the accessibility of their website for those with visual impairments.

In an email to Justice Patel, one of the litigants asked the high court to investigate the matter, pointing out that the plea hasn’t been heard in two years.

Judge Patel expressed frustration over this and stated judges shouldn’t receive such intimate emails.

“The matter may be pending for how much ever time, but one cannot send such personal emails to judges,” Justice Patel stated.

The Court ordered that the plea be heard by a different bench.

In his words, Justice Patel would “never touch this matter.”

“I will never again deal with this issue. Not in the slightest. What if I were to hear this and issue a favorable order? Justice Patel stated, “The message would be that you send personal emails to judges & you will get favourable orders.”

In addition to being present in court, the petitioner—the one who sent the letters—also apologized.

But the high court declined to hear him.

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