Court Directs keys to Gyanvapi Complex Basement be Given to Varanasi District Magistrate

The district magistrate will receive the keys to the basement, called “Vyas ji ka tehkhana,” in the Gyanvapi complex, per an order from a district court.

The Hindu side’s attorney, Madan Mohan Yadav, stated in his order on Wednesday that District Judge AK Vishwesh had ordered proper maintenance of Vyas ji’s basement, which is situated at the complex’s southern end.

“Therefore, district magistrate of Varanasi is appointed receiver of Vyas ji’s basement,” the judge stated.

Yadav had previously claimed that in 1993, the basement had been locked and barricaded by authorities. Yadav had stated in his plea that Somnath Vyas, a priest, had been using the basement for worship before it.

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