NALSA is tasked by Supreme Court with creating plan for implementing Revised Motor Vehicles Act and Rules

Under the direction of NALSA, the Supreme Court has ordered the creation of a plan for implementing the revised Motor Vehicles Act and Rules. New regulations were created along with changes to the Motor Vehicles Act by the national legislature. Judicial intervention resulted from concerns raised by the non-implementation of these amended provisions.

Gohar Mohammed v. Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation & Ors. (Civil Appeal No. 9322 of 2022) was the case in which the issue was previously heard. Through a court order dated December 15, 2022, directives were issued in response to the lack of implementation.

The current applications now center on the ongoing non-application of the Motor Vehicles Act, its regulations, and the directives that were previously issued. The learned Amicus Curiae, Mr. J. R. Midha, Ms. Archana Pathak Dave, who represents the Union of India and the General Insurance Council (GIC), Mr. Abhishek Nanda of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), and Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, counsel for the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), are among the stakeholders that the Court has engaged in its resolution process.

After deliberations, the Court ordered the creation of an all-inclusive plan with NALSA’s assistance. By the next listing date, an affidavit with recommendations for the efficient application of the Act, Rules, and directives must be presented to the Court. The Amicus Curiae, State Legal Services Authorities, Central Government officers, GIC, IRDA, and State officers, if needed, will be consulted before the NALSA Secretary files the affidavit.

At the conclusion of the Board on January 5, 2024, the next listing date, the Court anticipates receiving a comprehensive fund report. This is a significant step in guaranteeing that the Motor Vehicles Act and its regulations are implemented in an efficient manner.

Case Title: Gohar Mohammad vs. Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation & Ors.

Case no.: Miscellaneous Application No. 825/2023 in C.A. No. 9322/2022

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