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Rajasthan High Court Suggests Govt. To Notify Measures Prohibiting Use Of Portable Water For Washing Of Automobiles

Sevva Foundation V/s Union Of India [D.B. Civil Writ Petition No. 4069/2021]

The Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur Bench has suggested the government to notify measures prohibiting use of portable water for washing of automobiles.

“The local bodies have issued various notifications prohibiting use of portable water for washing automobiles. However, it is difficult for this Court to issue any such direction except to direct respondents to examine this issue. It will always be open for the local bodies to issue notification/directive towards saving water. The Government may also consider issuing appropriate advisory or creating awareness against misuse of portable water in order to save the same and for being used for drinking purpose only,” the bench of Manindra Mohan Shrivastava and Justice Praveer Bhatnagar observed.

The Public Interest Litigation has been filed by the petitioner seeking issuance of directions to the government authorities to issue appropriate notifications/guidelines for prohibiting use of portable water for washing of automobiles.

The petitioner submitted that this Public Interest Litigation has been filed by the petitioner to ensure that the drinking water, which is basic to human existence, is saved as much as possible. Placing on record various instances it has been stated that portable water is being misused in washing automobiles, whereas this could be avoided by adopting dry wash technique as such machines are available in the market. In the State of Punjab, Karnataka and in Delhi also various directives have been issued by the local authorities.

The state urged that though it is open for all the authorities to take appropriate measures, the petitioner cannot seek issuance of mandamus to the public at large for not using portable water for washing of vehicles. It is submitted that such kind of directions cannot be implemented to control individuals.

The Advocate General would submit that it is always advisable to minimise use of portable water for purposes other than drinking and for that purpose the governments have already taken various initiatives to create mass awareness towards saving water. In the reply of the Union of India, various schemes have been stated.

The court allowed the petitioner to approach the local bodies also with representations.

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