“Work is worship”: Court is Concerned about Attorneys Leaving Cases to Attend Namaz

A Lucknow local court has voiced grave concerns about the behavior of certain Muslim attorneys who leave court to perform Friday namaz.

The Court ruled that these attorneys needed to respect their judicial responsibilities and remember that work is worship.

In order to ensure that court proceedings are not disrupted, the court directed that those accused of an illegal religious conversion case be granted amicus curiae, or friend of the court status, if Muslim attorneys choose not to participate in court because they are performing namaz.

The decision was made on Friday during the criminal trial hearing for Maulana Kalimuddin and other accused parties in relation to an illegal religious conversion case, presided over by Special Judge Vivekanand Sharan Tripathi of the NIA/ATS.

The court also denied a request for specific documents made by a few attorneys representing an accused person.

Additionally, the court cautioned them to submit any applications for court proceedings within the allotted time.

Advocates Muhammad Amir Naqwi and Jiya-ul-Jilani informed the court at approximately 1:30 pm during the trial proceedings that it was Friday and that they would not be able to continue the cross-examination of the accused. They also requested permission from the court to leave the matter unfinished due to Friday’s namaz.

The court informed them that they would not be allowed to leave the building for that reason. Later on, though, the court was forced to postpone the trial due to extraordinary circumstances.

The court instructed its officer to appoint an amicus curiae on behalf of Muslim attorneys representing some of the accused, extending a warning to them. The court declared that the trial would not be concluded if the Muslim attorneys persisted in leaving the room to perform namaz.

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