Film Producer C Alagappan’s Anticipatory Bail Plea Rejected by Madras High Court

The Madras High Court recently delivered a significant verdict, refusing to grant anticipatory bail to film producer C Alagappan and his family members. They are all accused in a property fraud case filed by actor Gautami Tadimalla, who is also a former member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Justice CV Karthikeyan, in his order passed on December 18, observed that there was ample evidence to prima facie suspect Alagappan and his family members of cheating Gautami. The court stated that the intention to cheat had been nurtured from the early stages, causing distress to Gautami, who was already battling a debilitating disease and simply wanted to secure a future for her young daughter. The court further revealed that the accused had not only engaged in cheating but had also misappropriated funds for personal gain.

Alagappan had approached the High Court seeking anticipatory bail in November of this year after the Tamil Nadu police registered a cheating case based on Gautami’s complaint. On September 7, Gautami lodged a complaint alleging that Alagappan had deceived her in a property deal that took place nearly two decades ago.

According to Gautami’s complaint, back in 2004, she had decided to sell 46 acres of her land. Alagappan, who presented himself as a builder and property agent, approached her during that time. Believing his claims, she granted him power of attorney for the sale of the land. Over the years, Alagappan and his wife handled the sale and acquisition of other assets belonging to Gautami.

However, it was only recently that Gautami discovered that Alagappan, along with his wife and family members, had misappropriated over ₹25 crores during these transactions. In response to her complaint, the police have arrested six individuals, including Alagappan’s associates. However, Alagappan himself remains at large.

Disturbingly, Gautami and her daughter have been receiving death threats from unknown individuals following her complaint to the police. In a significant move, Gautami resigned from the BJP on October 23, citing the party’s failure to assist her during her time of need and alleging that some party members were providing aid to Alagappan.

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