Gujarat High Court Dismisses PIL as Petitioner Faces Multiple Criminal Cases

In a recent development, the Gujarat High Court dismissed a public interest litigation (PIL) petition due to the petitioner facing multiple criminal cases. The division bench, led by Chief Justice Sunita Agarwal and Justice Aniruddha Mayee, emphasized the significance of individuals resolving their legal issues before undertaking social work.

The petitioner, who presented concerns regarding corruption in the implementation of the MNREGA scheme, expressed that the FIRs filed against them were related to private transactions and should not hinder their plea. However, the bench firmly asserted that the petitioner’s pending criminal prosecutions undermined their credibility to engage in a PIL.

Chief Justice Agarwal highlighted the need for the petitioner to prioritize their own cases before undertaking social activism. Rejecting the plea, she stated that the PIL could not be entertained under these circumstances. Furthermore, the court declined the petitioner’s request to present the issue through another individual, insisting on direct involvement for future endeavors.

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