Daryaganj or Moti Mahal ? Which restaurant invented Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani: Delhi High Court to examine

Because Daryaganj restaurant uses the tagline “Inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani,” Moti Mahal has filed a lawsuit against the establishment, claiming that it is deceiving customers.

Who created Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken? When it decides a dispute between the Moti Mahal and Daryaganj restaurants in the upcoming days, the Delhi High Court very well may provide an answer to this tantalizing query.

Due to the use of the tagline “Inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani,” the owners of the restaurant Daryaganj have been sued by the owners of Moti Mahal.

Daryaganj restaurants and Moti Mahal, which had its first location in the Daryaganj neighborhood of Delhi, are allegedly “misleading people into believing” that there is a connection.

Judge Sanjeev Narula heard the case on January 16 after the owners of the restaurants in Daryaganj were served with a summons and instructed to respond in writing to the lawsuit within 30 days.

In addition, Moti Mahal’s request for an interim injunction was noted by Justice Narula, who scheduled a hearing for May 29.

The two restaurant chains have maintained for years that they are the creators of Dal Makhani and Butter Chicken.

The owners of Moti Mahal claim that Late Kundal Lal Gujral, their predecessor, was the one who created the dishes that are now synonymous with Indian cuisine worldwide, but the Daryaganj restaurant claims that Late Kundan Lal Jaggi was the one who originated the concept.

In its lawsuit, Moti Mahal asserts that their ancestor Gujral invented the first Tandoori Chicken, as well as the Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani, which he then brought to India following the division of the country.

They assert that in the beginning Gujral worried about his cooked chicken drying out because unsold chicken leftovers could not be kept in the refrigerator. As a result, he created a sauce to help him rehydrate them.

According to the claim, he invented “the makhani,” or butter sauce, which is a gravy made with tomatoes, butter, cream, and a few spices. It now gives the meal a delicious and tangy flavor.

“The development of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani are closely related inventions.” According to Moti Mahal’s suit, “He [Gujaral] used the same recipe with black lentils and gave birth to Dal Makhani around the same time.”

Although Daryaganj has not yet submitted a response to the lawsuit, on January 16 its attorneys appeared before the court and vehemently denied the accusations, characterizing the entire suit as “baseless and lacking a cause of action.”

They argued that the claims made in the lawsuit are untrue and that they have not engaged in any false representation.

They said that the original Moti Mahal restaurant in Peshawar was founded by the forebears of both parties (Jaggi of the Daryaganj restaurants and Gujral of the Moti Mahal restaurants).

[Rupa Gujral & Ors v Daryaganj Hospitality Private Limited & Ors]

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