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52nd GST Council: Nil Rate For Food Preparation Of Millet Flour In Powder Form And Containing At Least 70% Millets By Weight When Sold In Loose Form, And 5% If Sold In Pre-Packaged And Labelled Form

The 52nd GST Council recommended the Changes in GST rates of goods. 

It recommended that GST rates on “Food preparation of millet flour in powder form, containing at least 70% millets by weight”, falling under HS 1901, with effect from date of notification, have been prescribed as: 

a. 0% if sold in other than pre-packaged and labelled form 

b. 5% if sold in pre-packaged and labelled form

The GST Council further clarified that imitation zari thread or yarn made out of metallised polyester film /plastic film, falling under HS 5605, are covered by the entry for imitation zari thread or yarn attracting 5% GST rate. However, no refund will be allowed on polyester film (metallised) /plastic film on account of inversion. 

It was also stated that foreign going vessels are liable to pay 5% IGST on the value of the vessel if it converts to coastal run. GST Council recommends conditional IGST exemption to foreign flag foreign going vessel when it converts to coastal run subject to its reconversion to foreign going vessel in six months.

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