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Udaipur Courts | October 2023 Remand Duty For Government Holidays 

The Chief Judicial Magistrate Udaipur (Rajasthan) has authorised the ACJM and JM for government holidays.

During the upcoming government holidays in the month of October 2023, the CJI is carrying out the necessary criminal work for the reserve centres attached to the judicial courts located at Udaipur district headquarters.

This includes extending the remand period of the accused and handling/hearing bail applications and urgent matters like statements/inquest orders and others (which the CJI is authorised to handle under Section 15 (2) and 410 (1) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973).

The October remand duty are as follows:

It is noteworthy that during the holidays mentioned above, when the Presiding Officers of the Magistrate Courts outside the District Headquarters, Udaipur are present in their posting areas, the above mentioned necessary work related to the police stations falling under their jurisdiction will be done by them themselves and in their absence, the above mentioned work will be done by the District Magistrate Court. Will be edited by the above mentioned Judicial Magistrate authorised for the Magistrate Courts of Headquarters Udaipur. 

The officers will not leave the headquarters without permission on their remand duty day and will remain at their residence after court hours and perform the above mentioned work.

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